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Rainbow Dust ProGel Concentrated Food Colours Leaf Green

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ProGel® concentrated colours by Rainbow Dust Colours are the new standard for food colouration. Highly concentrated, only the smallest amount of ProGel® is required to give a deep rich colour to your creations, meaning that our tubes last a long, long time! Simply add a small amount to your sugarpaste, marzipan, buttercream etc and watch it transform into your desired colour as it is mixed in.

The Packaging

Each gel comes in a colour co-ordinated and clean-to-use plastic tube complete with a built-in Euro-hook to hang in your shops display area. If your shop does not use a euro-hook system, the outer box is a tear-down display carton for shelf use.
Each tube contains a tamper evident seal under the screw top. Simply peel away and squeeze the gel out of the tube. No more messy containers making your tool box full of colour spots and no more wasted time trying to identify a specific colour, as the printed tube makes this a thing of the past!

ProGel® Leaf Green
Ingredients: Glycerine, Silicone Dioxide, Propylene Glycol, Colours E102 and E133 and E155

label Claims
Nut Free, GM Free, Gluten free, Suitable for Vegetarians, Certified Kosher, Suitable for Halal Diets

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